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Sluks were a species of parasitic demons native to Quor'toth.

A group of sluks emerged in Earth from a rift and infested the Hyperion Hotel; as the infestation occurred shortly after Angel and Lilah Morgan performed a spell to recorporealize Sahjhan, both Angel Investigations and Wolfram & Hart mistakenly believed that the sluks were created as a result of thaumogenesis until more demons, as well as two people emerged from the rift as well.

Physiology and Powers

Winifred Burkle under the influence of a sluk

Sluks looked like a cross between a slug and a jellyfish. They were translucent, but they glowed blue in the dark. Though small, they could climb walls, survive stabbing and breed quickly.

Sluk demons had a constant thirst for water and spent their time searching for more water. They were able to infest humans, drain them of water and mentally control them into finding more water. They could be ejected by alcohol.