Slayer Organization commercial

Violet: “There’s a support group?”

This commercial was made in order to recruit the ever-growing number of Slayers worldwide activated for the Slayer Organization. It was starred by Andrew Wells and Violet.


Still a secret from the general public, the commercial attempted to describe the signals of being a Slayer in a way only these girls would recognize. It mentioned sudden strength and dreaming of being girls from the past (prophetic dreams), although defining it an “unnamed condition”.

Despite considered “cheesy”, it was apparently effective, as it called the attention of Soledad[1] and the underground decoy,[2] who both identified themselves and first discovered the Organization through watching it.


Violet:  (holds a vase, breaking it) Oh! I broke another one!

Andrew:  Something wrong, honey?

Violet:  I can’t control my strength! And I’m having dreams that are strange
and disturb me.

Andrew:  Dreams of being another girl, in another time?

Violet:  That’s amazing! How did you know?

Andrew:  This pamphlet came in the mails! It explains how many modern women
and girls are suffering from this unnamed condition.

Violet:  There’s a support group?

Andrew:  That’s right! Just dial 1-800-CHOSEN-1 to meet girls who have this 
alarming yet fun condition.

Violet:  I will! Now I won’t be the only girl breaking vases.

Andrew:  AH HA HA!


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