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The Slayer Organization had one of its headquarters in a castle in Tokyo.


Aiko was the Tokyo cell leader until her assassination by Toru’s pack. Upon their arrival, the castle received Buffy Summers, Willow Rosenberg, Satsu, Leah, Rowena, Xander Harris, Renee, Dracula, and a group of Slayers from Scotland headquarters, in their battle against Toru’s pack to recover the Scythe.[1]

After Renee was assassinated, her ashes were spread in the castle. Buffy promoted Satsu as cell leader, and the two spent their second night together before her departure.[2]

Some time later, Kennedy was sent to the castle to review Satsu’s leadership. During her stay, they were attacked by a member of the Swell who had infiltrated the cell as a Vampy Cat.[3]




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