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Dawn, get the Potentials upstairs and break out that emergency kit. I'm declaring an emergency.
Buffy Summers[src]

The "Slayer Emergency Kit" was a collection of objects given to Buffy Summers by Robin Wood, the son of Nikki Wood. He claimed that it was a "Slayer heirloom" which should have been passed on to the next Slayer, but he kept it, probably because he didn't have much to remember her by. It was unknown how long this had been passed down, but it could be assumed to be quite old considering its contents.

At the time Buffy received it, it was in a brown leather bag, and contained several things including the following:

  • what appeared to be a boomerang;
  • a vase or urn of some kind;
  • a locked box containing metal figures known as "shadow casters";
  • a mystical book written in Sumerian.

The shadow casters were to be placed onto the smaller circular metal piece in front of a light, creating shadow images on the wall, and the book was then read to tell the story. The book would then translate itself, possibly into English, or perhaps into whatever the reader's language might be. The shadows cast by the metal figures would become enchanted themselves and would begin to move on their own, recreating the story of the First Slayer.

A portal would then be created, allowing the Slayer to speak directly to the Shadow Men that created the First Slayer, but "exchanging" the Slayer for a demon, releasing the demon onto Earth through the same portal. The Slayer could gain more power through the Shadow Men if she was willing, but only through taking in more of the essence of the demon which gave the Slayer her powers in the first place. The only apparent way to bring the Slayer back to Earth was to bring the released demon back to the site of the portal.

The text translated from the book read as follows. "First there is the Earth. Then, there came the Demons. After Demons, there came men. Men found a girl. And the men took the girl to slay demons. They chained her to the Earth. Filled her with Dark. You cannot be shown. You cannot just watch, but you must see. See for yourself, but only if you're willing to make the exchange. This is the only way. There is no..." The page then ended, and it was unknown what came next.