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Skuld was the second brother of Dreamer demons.

Skuld resembled a floating limbless torso covered in black armor and a black bandana. He also carried two magical staves with sickles on top that floated with him.


Along with his brothers, Urd and Verdandi, Skuld was one of a trio of powerful demons that could mold reality.

The newly resurrected Master wished to exploit their abilities to open the Hellmouth. He and his brother Verdandi managed to reach the Master, though their brother Urd was killed by the Slayer, Buffy Summers. His death greatly displeased the remaining dreamers as well as the Master.

In Verdandi and Skuld's realm, after locating through a maze, Buffy faced the two demons, defeating Skuld before Verdandi.

Powers and Abilities[]

Unlike his brothers who heavily relied on magic during combat Skuld preferred the use of his staves as melee weapons against the Slayer. When approached he was able to effectively maneuver his staves in a circular motion, protecting him and making close combat virtually impossible. However, he was not able to block ranged weapons such as the Reaper wing and crossbow bolts, making him a pretty easy target from a distance.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Skuld appears as a defeatable Boss Challenge.
  • After defeating him, one of his staves will be left behind and could be used a melee weapon, labeled "Dreamer's Staff", against Verdandi and his zombie minions.