This ritual, performed promptly, prevented the maturation of a Skilosh demon spawn and saved the human host.


While Wesley, Cordelia and Gunn tried to continue the Angel Investigations agency, they were approached by Francine Sharp and her daughter Stephanie, who had mysteriously grown an eye at the back of her head. Mrs. Sharp claimed something attacked her daughter before the eye developed. Although the research took time, the three eventually managed to remove the eye from the young girl.

It was later revealed that the demon responsible for creating the eye was a Skilosh demon, and the eye was its spawn. The ritual had to be done as soon as possible to arrest the development of the spawn. Otherwise, the Skilosh spawn will mature into an adult Skilosh demon, completely destroying the skull of its human host.


The ritual required the use of a de-oculation powder, which was sprinkled into the spawn. A Latin incantation must then be recited. As soon as the incantation was completed, the spawn disappeared, leaving only a bald spot as an after effect.

De-oculated individuals


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