Skilosh, a notoriously violent, asexual, self-replicating species of demon, has the distasteful habit of implanting its demon spawn into the cranium of a human host.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce[src]

Skilosh demons were a humanoid and asexual demon species demon recognizable by a fully functional third eye located on the back of their heads. They are capable of speaking human languages as well as their own.

Skilosh demons were hairless and possessed chalk-white skin, sporting two red stripes running down their foreheads to their eyes, then back behind their ears. Their blood was slimy and yellow-colored.

Skilosh reproduced by infecting human hosts with their spawn. Specifically, they injecteced their spawn into the back of host's skull using their long, forked tongues. As a result, in only an hour, the Skilosh spawn manifests in the form of a third eye located in the back of the victim's skull and connected to his/hers visual system. If the gestation was not aborted with the proper ritual, a fully grown Skilosh would burst from the host's skull, killing him or her instantly. It's possible using a powder and an incantation to get rid of the spawn before it hatches. There are several ways to kill Skiloshs: Wesley identifies hacking them to pieces as one and other methods shown were a shotgun blast to the chest, getting hit by a car and a severe beating.

By early 2001, a tribe of Skilosh Demons faced Angel Investigations after one of their spawn was destroyed. The tribe was destroyed by Angel and Wesley.



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