Skilosh demons were a humanoid and asexual demon species demon recognizable by a fully functional third eye located on the back of their heads. They are capable of speaking human languages as well as their own.

Skilosh demons were hairless and possessed chalk-white skin, sporting two red stripes running down their foreheads to their eyes, then back behind their ears.

Skilosh reproduced by infecting human hosts with their spawn. Specifically, they injecteced their spawn into the back of host's skull using their long, forked tongues. As a result, in only an hour, the Skilosh spawn manifests in the form of a third eye located in the back of the victim's skull and connected to his/hers visual system. If the gestation was not aborted with the proper ritual, a fully grown Skilosh would burst from the host's skull, killing him or her instantly. Once hatched, the only way to slay a Skilosh was through an incantation or to hack its body into pieces.

By early 2001, a group of Skilosh Demons faced Angel Investigations after one of their spawn was destroyed.


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