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An unidentified skeleton demon was a member of the Magic Council third formation.


This skeleton was present at the first reunion of the Magic Council assembled by Buffy Summers. He was outraged by the presence of Riley Finn as a representative of the human military in the Magic Council, calling him a "flashsack", a reference to his own contrasting lack of skin. In return, Riley said that it was time that it was about time that "normal people" had a seat at the Council, while vice-president Rupert Giles started demanding order.

The skeleton retorted about Riley excluding the rest of them from "normal", that his bigotry was intolerable, and that he wasn't there advocating for "skinning" his constituents. Much to their surprise, the argument was interrupted by the arrival of president Buffy Summers, who suddenly threw the at the table and silenced them all.[1]



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