My clientele ain't exactly nuns and orphans. But I never seen anything like these demons.

The Sisterhood of Jhe was a cult formed by an all-female race of demons. They were fierce warriors who celebrated victory in battle by devouring the flesh of their foes. While they appeared bestial and unsophisticated, it was Har'ann that proved to be an exception, able to speak English.

In early 1999, several members of the Sisterhood gathered in Sunnydale in order to open the Hellmouth, though their effort was thwarted by the Scooby Gang. In 2005, one of these demons, Har'ann was recruited by the vampire Tansy Fry to open a new Hellmouth in Los Angeles, thwarted by Spike and Eddie Hope

Prominent Members


The Sisterhood of Jhe devoured the flesh of their foes, including humans and zombies.