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Xander: “Thought you were kidding about the jumbo shrimp thing.
Buffy: “I thought I was too.
— Buffy and Xander[src]
Siren Demons were a species of fish-like, amphibious demons.
Fish demon

A Siren Demon at the Docks

Buffy Summers encountered some in 1998 in the Sunnydale Docks and later in the sewers of Sunnydale High.


Buffy: “Hmmm. Looks like the scale droppings of the dreaded jumbo shrimp demon
Xander: “Hahahahaha! You are kidding right?
Buffy: “I never kid about demonic seafood
— Xander and Buffy[src]
Fish scale

Xander holding a Siren Demon's scale

Siren demons were large humanoids with grey, scaly skin and somewhat feminine features such as breasts and curves. They had several long, red horns protruding from their body, crab-like claws instead of hands, fanged mouths, four teeth located on their torso, greenish fins from their head down to their back and two long appendages sticking out of their backs with a blue light at the end of each, reminiscent of the illicium of Anglefish which are used as a lure. Their legs were rather larger and thicker compared to their body, making them walk in a specified, stilt-like fashion.

Their scales were large and just under the size of a human hand. Xander Harris compared them to "beautifully, decorative astrays or really big guitar picks".

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Siren Demons seemed to live mostly in water though could live and breath on land. They had very durable bodies, unable to be knocked to the ground. During combat, they preferred using both their arms and their back appendages in close combat and could leap several meters towards their enemy.
Fish demon zap

A Siren Demon about to finish Buffy

Because of their strong bodies conventional strikes with fists, feet or melee weapons did very little as did fire, meaning one would've had to beat a Siren Demon up close repetitively several times, weakening it until its waist bends down so much it snaps and dies. When killing an enemy, Siren demons would use their back appendages to mystically lift the person in the air, suspending them, and knocking them dead with one strike.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Siren Demons are an enemy in the Xbox video game of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They were introduced in the 8th level, the Docks, and later appear in the sewer section of the 9th level and second level in Sunnydale High.
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