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Silvia Placida Ramberti was a Slayer active in Bologna, Italy during the 14th century.


As a child, Silvia would play of sword fighting with the boys of her village, causing much distress to her nanny Florentia. She was twelve years old, and the day of her nanny leaving her was approaching, despite Florentia's deep caring for the lady. Meanwhile, a vampire — referred as the Man-Eater — had been killing men in the village.[1]

In Silvia's thirteen birthday's eve, she discovered nanny Florentia killing her father, draining of his blood. Abashed from being seen, Florentia offered to sire Silvia so she'd be a vampire as well, so she's always take care of her. Silvia refused her bite, and staked her in the heart. As Florentia turned into dust, Silvia apologized, crying over both her father and nanny's corpses. She ran away into the woods, where a Watcher had been looking for her. The woman began informing Silvia of her destiny, but, seeing the child crying, she sat beside her and comforted her as the sun rose.[1]

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