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Sideshow Slayer is a prose short story of Tales of the Slayer book series. Written by Greg Cox, it was originally published on November 1, 2004 by Simon Pulse.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Parkesburg, Pennsylvania-1911

It is a hot August night at the carnival in Parkesburg. A vampire named Blasko makes his way through the sights and takes note of the demons and vampires that the carnival uses as sideshow attractions (inclufing a half-starved vampire being coined as the Wild Man). He makes his way to an outdoor stage and watches the magic act of the Great Ambrosius and his assistant Miss Fatima Araby. He could not be fooled however, he knew unequivocally that this was actually Millicent Gresham, the Slayer and the Great Ambrosius was truly her Watcher, Ambrose Richmond. Blasko goes on to tell how he had been a Watcher in life and now in death despised all Watchers. He also knows that tonight marks the Slayer's eighteenth birthday-which means the test of the Cruciamentum will commence.

After the carnival closed, Blasko hid in the shadows as he watches Millie and Ambrose prepare to undergo a training session in the funhouse. He waits and watches as Millie enters the funhouse and observes two Council operatives drag the half starved vampire behind them. He approaches and kills Ambrose and the Council members with a revolver and lets the vampire feast on their blood before turning him to dust.

Now inside the funhouse, he taunts Millie about the death of her Watcher and how soon she will be dead as well. Millie lunges in to stake him, but due to the drugs Ambrose had given her, her reflexes were poor and she was easily disarmed by her assailant. She runs through the obstacles of the funhouse, Blasko not far behind her. As the chase through the funhouse continues, Blasko's bloodlust increases and he grows more impatient. Utilizing a tent stake as a substitute weapon, she lunges again at Blasko and uses gravity to make up for what she lacked in strength to drive the stake home. Blasko's last thoughts were that of disbelief as he watched his body disintegrate into dust.

Some time after the events of that night, Millie is now the headliner of the magic act, going by the name the Great Ambrosia. She knew however this arrangement wouldn't be able to last forever, she knew eventually the Council would dispatch a new Watcher to oversee her; but until they did-the show will go on.

The carnival's next stop is Elk Neck, Maryland-where Millie had heard rumors of H'smia Demons in that area, a prospect which excited her.

Continuity[edit | edit source]

  • The events of this story take place in August of 1911 in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania.

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