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I hunt demons. Yeah, you wouldn't know it to look at me. Let's just say there was me, there was a really mean demon, there was a curse, and the next thing I know I'm not me anymore. I'm sitting on some guy's knee, with his hand up my shirt.

Sid was a demon hunter who was cursed as a ventriloquist's dummy.[1]


Human life[]

During the 1930s, Sid had a relationship with a Korean Slayer.[1]

Sid was eventually attacked by the Brotherhood of Seven, a group of demons who were able to assume human form for seven years at a time by harvesting human brains and hearts. The Brotherhood cursed him, imprisoning his spirit in a ventriloquist's dummy. The only way for Sid to break the curse would be to destroy all seven members of the Brotherhood.[1]

Sunnydale High[]

By the spring of 1997, Sid had succeeded in killing all but one of the Brotherhood. The remaining member's human body was deteriorating, and thus it had infiltrated Sunnydale High School to find the heart and brain it needed. Sid recruited a Sunnydale High student named Morgan Shay to help him track down the demon, and they were enrolled in a ventriloquist's act in the upcoming Sunnydale Talent Show.[1]

At that time, the student Emily was attacked and had her heart removed. Upon learning of this, the Scooby Gang set out investigating. After some research, Buffy Summers, the current Slayer, came to believe that Sid was the murderer and was harvesting organs to become a living human. Sid, however, came to believe that Buffy herself was the final Brotherhood member after secretly watching Buffy punch through Morgan's locker door while searching for evidence.[1]

After a subsequent confrontation between the two, The confusion was cleared up, and Sid teamed up with the Scoobies to track down the real culprit. Sid proceeded to reveal to Buffy that, since his original body decomposed long ago, he would in fact die when the curse was broken. He also assured to Buffy that he had already lived far longer than most other demon hunters and thus was fine with dying.[1]


Shortly afterward, Morgan was found dead with his brain removed. However, Morgan had suffered from brain cancer, thus making his brain unsuitable for the demon to use. The demon was quickly revealed to be Marc, who was performing a magic act in the talent show, and he had found a suitable brain in Rupert Giles.[1]

The Scoobies and Sid got there in time to save Giles, and Xander beheaded Marc with his own guillotine. However, the curse wasn't broken as the only way to kill the demon was to destroy its heart. Though Buffy offered to finish the job, Sid chose to do it himself and, with a final "thanks," stabbed Marc in the heart. Breaking the curse, Sid died moments later, leaving his puppet form inert.[1]


So, that whole horny dummy thing really isn't an act, is it?
Buffy Summers[src]

Sid was initially portrayed as the stereotypical "horny dummy" act when the Scoobies believed him to be a simple dummy, only for Buffy to find out later that it was not an act. While relating his history to the stunned Scoobies, he described a sexual history he had in the 1930s with a Slayer, even going so far as drifting out of the conversation and into the memory, He also unsuccessfully attempted to seduce Buffy and repeatedly flirted with both Buffy and Willow.[1]

Despite knowing that breaking his curse would cause him to die, Sid was accepting of it, saying he had lived longer than most demon hunters. He displayed a greater knowledge of demons than Buffy at the time of their encounter due to his greater experience, knowing that decapitation wasn't enough to kill Marc. When Buffy offered to finish the job for him, Sid chose to do it himself, ending his quest and effectively ending his own life.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

  • SID is also an acronym for Small Impact Dummy, a family of test dummies designed to measure rib, spine, and internal organ effects in side collisions.
  • Sid returns as a playable character in the non-canon video game Chaos Bleeds. After his curse was broken in "The Puppet Show," the First Evil stole his soul and placed it in a duplicate dummy body of the one he was trapped in. After the First is defeated, Sid disappears in a flash of light, free at last.