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Shrimp Worlds referred to two dimensions, which were primarily identified by the amount of shrimp which lived there. Specifically, these two dimensions were:

  • World Without Shrimp, a quiet little agrarian world, with little unusual properties except the absence of shrimp.[1]
  • World With Nothing But Shrimp, which contained literally nothing other than shrimp, and as a result it was sometimes considered boring.[2][3]

The two dimensions were used to illustrate the concept of alternate dimensions.[4]

History[edit | edit source]

In Jonathan Levinson's wishful world, Anya said “You could have, like, a world with no shrimp. Or with, you know, nothing but shrimp,” while explaining the concept of alternate dimensions.[4]

Anya speculated that Olaf could have been sent to the World Without Shrimp.[5]

When Illyria talked about moving between dimensions, she said that she went to the World With Nothing But Shrimp but "tired of it quickly.”[6] She later lamented being unable to travel between dimensions and missing them, “even the one made of shrimp.”[7]

Willow Rosenberg opened a portal to the World Without Shrimp, which she described as “a quiet little agrarian world. Nothing special about it, except they don't have shrimp.”[1]

While travelling through various dimensions in search for their return to Earth, Dawn Summers and Xander Harris visited the Dimension of Giant Shrimp, where they were attacked by its residents attempting to boil them in beer.[3]

Other Mentions of Shrimp[edit | edit source]

  • Anya said that Xander didn't travel well, “like fine shrimp.”[8]
  • Willow found a spell to “communicate with shrimp.”[9]
  • Upon Anya's insistence on this example, even interrupting the conversation with a shrimp-related pun, Buffy complained: “Stop with the shrimp, I am trying to do something here!”[4]
  • After Anya mentioned the World Without Shrimp, Tara replied that she was allergic to them.[5]

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