Oh, well, identification with mythical icons is perfectly typical of your age group. It's a- a classic adolescent response to the pressures of incipient adulthood.
―Sheila Rosenberg[src]

Sheila Rosenberg was a resident of Sunnydale and mother of Willow Rosenberg.


Sheila: “Willow, you cut off your hair! Huh. That's a new look.
Willow: “Yeah, it's just a sudden whim I had... in August.
— Sheila pays little attention to her daughter Willow.[src]
Sheila Rosenberg lived in Sunnydale with her husband Ira and her daughter Willow. On many occasions, Sheila displayed a serious disconnect with Willow's personal life, not even knowing the name of her daughter's best friend, whom she refers to as "Bunny."[1]

In 1999, Sheila succumbed to the powers of a demon who incited bigotry. Developing a mistrust and hatred towards witchcraft, she joined Joyce Summers' group Mothers Opposed to the Occult. During this time, a frustrated Willow told her mother she was a witch, not to mention that she was dating a guitarist. Sheila, Joyce, and the other parents of Sunnydale attempted to burn Willow and her friends Buffy and Amy Madison at the stake. However, the spell was broken by Giles in time, and Buffy slayed the demon. Afterward, Sheila forgot the incident, but did remember her daughter's boyfriend.[1]

When Willow came out as a lesbian in college, Sheila was proud of her daughter, believing that she was making a political statement. However, she had little contact with Willow's girlfriend Tara Maclay, and the novelty of her homosexuality soon wore off.[2]


Sheila was highly intelligent and led her life as a very logically focused individual although somewhat psychorigid, leaving her socially and emotionally disconnected. According to Willow, Sheila and her husband didn't even bicker, although they glared sometimes. Her profession was unknown, but she used terminology and made many references to the area of child psychology/development. She had also been involved in co-authoring material regarding problematic adolescent behavior. The irony of her would-be profession contrasting so heavily on her direct neglect of her one and only child was evident and poignant in Willow's life. According to Willow, Sheila didn't celebrate Thanksgiving or Columbus Day, which represented the destruction of the indigenous peoples.


Behind the Scenes Edit

  • She was portrayed by Jordan Baker.


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