You have to believe that someday you're going to meet someone special.
―Sharon Reichler[src]

Sharon Reichler was a young blonde woman living in Los Angeles by 1999 and a patron of D'Oblique. She became one of the victims of a demon known as Talamour.


Sharon was a lonely and shy blonde young woman, considered among the "bottom of the barrel" by some of the more popular patrons of D'Oblique. She was seduced by the demon Talamour, a Burrower Demon who had taken possession of a man called Kevin, one of the bar's more popular regulars. After having sex with Kevin, Sharon became the demon's next host, and was used by Talamour in its constant search for a permanent host. The demon used Sharon's body to seduce its next victim, Neil.

Behind the scenes

  • Sharon is constantly seen in the series credits.


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