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Shannon was a Potential Slayer who fought beside the Scooby Gang against the First Evil, being activated as a Slayer during the battle at the Hellmouth.[1]


While on her way to seek refuge in Revello Drive in Sunnydale, Shannon was chased by a group of Harbingers of Death. She encountered Caleb and escaped in his truck. Though at first posing as friendly, Caleb then taunted Shannon calling her a "whore" and "dirty", before marking her in the neck with his burning ring and stabbing her in the stomach with a knife. Caleb whispered to her a message for Buffy Summers, then dumped her of his truck.[2]

Shannon was found by Willow Rosenberg and Faith Lehane who'd been arriving to Sunnydale from Los Angeles. After recovering in Sunnydale Memorial, she told Buffy Caleb's message: "I have something of yours." This prompted Buffy to enter his hideout in the Shadow Valley Vineyards, a battle which resulted in her losing two Potential Slayers.[2]

Shannon then joined the fellow Potentials in the fight at the Hellmouth, where she was activated as a Slayer. She survived the destruction of Sunnydale, escaping in the school bus with the Scoobies and fellow Slayers.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

  • She was portrayed by Mary Wilcher.


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