A powerful shaman using casting bones

Shamans were magical practitioners concerned with achieving altered states of consciousness, giving them access to the spirit world. Shamans were capable of a myriad of different talents, ranging from transferring souls, divination, resurrection and detecting the presence of vampires. They were known to be both humans and demons.

Wolfram & Hart employed shamans for various tasks that required their expertise and their services were very expensive (a quarter of million according to Lilah Morgan).

Known Shamans[edit | edit source]

  • Mayor Wilkins employed an unidentified shaman to remove Angel's soul. While it seemed that the soul removal was successful, it turned out that the shaman was really part of ruse organized by the Scooby Gang and merely made a "light show" in order to make the soul removal convincing.
  • Mars knew of a shaman who lived in the desert who would of been willing to hide a group of female Oden-Tals.
  • The L.A. branch of Wolfram & Hart employed demonic shamans to detect any vampires who passed the threshold.
  • Nathan Reed was sent a message from the Wolfram & Hart Contracts Division about recruiting shamans, something that was high priority on his to-do list.
  • Wolfram & Hart employed Pockla demon shamans that performed mystical organ transplants. 
  • Darla visited every shaman and seer in the western hemisphere in order to found out the nature of her unborn child and how exactly a vampire like herself could even get pregnant. The last shaman she sought lived in the Yoro mountains and was said to be very powerful, however, even he couldn't identify her child despite using his best technique.
  • While in Africa, Riley and Sam Finn were aided by a group of shamans who had become addicted to dark magicks and eventually died.
  • Clem claimed that his cousin was resurrected by a shaman.
  • The first totem of the Ra-Tet was described as a "high and mighty white-magic shaman type".
  • The Order of the Kun-Sun-Dai consisted of shamans and mystics. A member of the order was recruited by Angel Investigations to remove his soul, which he did by projecting a false vision of perfect happiness in his head.
  • According to Desmond Keel regarding the Corbin Fries's trial, shamans were recruited to conjure a mystical shield around the jury.
  • The demon Tezcatcatl made a deal with a shaman to place a curse on him which brought him back from the dead every fifty years.
  • According to Charlotte, a "cute new shaman" began working in her division of Wolfram & Hart.

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