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The Shadowmen wielded three staves to perform the ritual of creation of the first Slayer.[1]


Men gave you your power. And a man just took it back.
Harth Fray[src]

While two of these staves were straight, the third was curved at the end, and was more decorated than the simple white leather the others had tied: with beads, straw, and colorful designs. This unique staff was wielded by the wizard who opened the box of the shadow demon, while the two others rhythmically hit their staves on the floor during the ritual, imbuing the demon's power over Sineya, the first Slayer.[1]

In the 21st century, when Buffy Summers was offered to expand her power though this demon, one of the Shadowmen knocked her out by hitting her head with his staff. The group then attempted to perform the same ritual on Buffy, but she repeatedly refused it. The Shadowmen continued to force it, so Buffy fought two of them, while the one with a different staff waited. Only when she broke one of the simple staves the shadow demon dissipated, and she concluded: "I knew it. It's always the staff."[1]

Harth Fray eventually recuperated this third staff, and used it to rob all the Slayer power during the Reckoning. To defeat the vampire's army of demons, the witch Willow Rosenberg and the Slayer Buffy Summers had planned to use the to combine the power of all the Slayers into Buffy, but this was interrupted when Harth intercepted them with the staff and, interlocking it into the Scythe, channeled the power into himself.[2]