All my faces are there to see.

Sephrilian was a demon who walked in the realities of humans and the Old Ones, making him "Tichajt": one of the demon elite. He resided in a domain between realities kept in stasis by Robin, a minder.

Buffy Summers and Willow Rosenberg sought an audience with Sephrilian regarding an imbalance between worlds. Sephrilian used his non-linear reality influence to show each of them certain truths they have not yet discovered, including Buffy's robbery of a Swiss bank vault to finance the Slayer Organization, and event that had not yet come to pass, like Willow's involvement with the demon Saga Vasuki and Buffy being betrayed.

After being threatened of their secrets and weaknesses being revealed to her enemies, Buffy killed the demon using a blade of magical energy conjured by Willow, not only killing Sephrilian, but destroying his whole realm as well.



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