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Selke was a vampire, leader of the "new bloods", and enemy of Buffy Summers.


Selke was an average vampire who along with her coven kidnapped Willow Rosenberg on the Halloween of 1998. Buffy saved Willow before she became a late night snack, and dusted Selke's friends: Hart, Norris, and Vezina. Selke was badly wounded in battle and retreated,[1] living off rat blood for the next month. At Thanksgiving, Selke returned to exact revenge on Buffy, but in her weakened state she was no match for the Slayer, and ended up getting thrown in a blazing fire.[2] Selke somehow survived and was now more determined than ever to kill Buffy.[3]

Selke went into hiding for months, eventually surfacing only to find that her badly burned figure scared people away. Turning to a Sunnydale plastic surgeon, Doctor Flitter, Selke made him an offer to make her beautiful again in exchange for eternal life.[3] Not able to heal her by conventional means, Flitter resorted to alchemy to restore Selke,[4] developing a "new blood" that significantly enhanced her abilities.[5] Returning to the base of operations of her coven, Selke took out the old Rouleau and took over the role of leader. Selke shared the same brew with her new allies, transforming the other vampires into enhanced "new bloods" like her.[6]

Even with their enhanced powers, the vampires still found themselves no match for Buffy. This also sparked a vampire "civil war" as traditional vampires tried to attack the new bloods to get a taste.[7] This caused Doctor Flitter to use his newfound talents in the dark arts to create a Dark Buffy, an evil duplicate of Buffy to take her out of the picture.[8][9] Preoccupied with her plans to kill Buffy and take over Sunnydale, Selke failed to notice that her concoction was poisoned by rival vampires Spike and Drusilla, which caused her blood cells to degenerate and mutate.[10]

During Sunnydale's Mardi Gras, Selke finally came out of hiding to kill Buffy, transformed into a ogress with brutal strength. Her transformation however slowed her down, which gave Buffy an advantage over her, and used her cunning to take Selke out for good. Selke's death triggered a chain reaction that killed all of the other vampires who drank from her brew, and the new bloods were extinguished.[11]



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