Sehjenkhai was one of a pair of demons known as the Summoners, who sought to summon an ancient monolith that would unleash a demon army on the world.


Loss of a Brother

The Summoners’ ritual required the Summoners to manipulate a young woman of child-bearing age into committing eleven sacrifices, with the eleventh sacrifice being the father of the woman’s unborn child and the Summoners sacrificing the woman and child themselves, these actions intended to represent the darkest aspects of humanity while the child’s death symbolised the end of humanity itself. Sehjenkhai’s brother attempted the ritual three thousand years ago, but he was caught by a village before he could sacrifice the mother and child, the villages killing Sehjenkhai’s brother and cutting out the woman’s eyes and hands for her role as the Summoners’ assistant (Not wanting to kill her in case that triggered the ritual anyway).

Los Angeles Campaign

Waiting in secret for millennia, Sehjenkhai finally had the chance to perform the ritual again when he won over the actress Rebecca Wade, claiming that the sacrifices would improve her currently-faltering career. Sehjenkhai was able to complete the ritual and summon the monolith in downtown Los Angeles, but before the demon army could emerge, he was discovered by Angel Investigations. Sehjenkhai was killed in the subsequent battle before he could be made to tell them anything, but Wesley Wyndam-Pryce discovered a book retailing how the ritual could be undone, allowing Angel and Connor to enter the demon dimension by using Sehjenkhai’s severed hands to ‘trick’ the monolith into thinking they were the original two Summoners, subsequently triggering the collapse of the monolith from within (“Monolith”).

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