The Seal of Danzalthar was a mystical seal located at the Hellmouth. It served as the entrance to a massive cavernous area in which thousands of Turok-Han vampires awaited to be unleashed. Its design resembles a goat with its tongue out, a theme which can be found in various recurring locations as it is a common symbol of the Devil or of Satanic worship. It opened only when a large quantity of blood was spilled on it and closed when the blood stopped flowing. However, while closed, it still remained active, emitting a constant flow of unholy, corrupting energy which only stopped when bathed in tears of repentance by the one who "opened" it. Humans with prolonged exposure from its corrupting energy would eventually lose their own will, and would slowly be transformed into servants of the First, in the same manner as the Harbringers.


The Slayers opening the seal.

Openings and Attempted OpeningsEdit

  • The First (as Warren Mears) convinced Andrew Wells to stab Jonathan Levinson on the seal. However, Jonathan didn't have enough blood to open it because of being anemic.
  • The First (as Warren) used Andrew again to try and kill a pig to open the seal, but the pig got away.
  • Andrew was going to try again using pig's blood from a butcher's shop, but got intercepted by Willow.
  • The First strung up Spike above the seal and cut his chest, using his blood to open the seal releasing the first Turok-Han.
  • A demon girl that Xander was on a date with kidnapped him and strung him up above the seal in the same way that Spike was; the seal began to open, but was stopped before any Turok-Han could emerge.
  • Corrupted students of the new Sunnydale High attempted to open the seal. Buffy and Andrew foiled the attempt, and later, Andrew unknowingly closed the seal by crying into it.
  • At some point, the Seal must've been opened again as three Turok-han are shown to be free during "End of Days".
  • The Slayers Buffy and Faith, along with the Potential Slayers, used blood from their hands to open the seal to go in for the final battle.

Seal of Danzalthar (Boom! reboot) Edit

As in the main Buffyverse, the Seal of Danzalthar is the entrance to a cavernous area filled with demons. Drusilla opened the seal in order to enter the Hellmouth.

Seal of b

The Seal of Danzalthar as shown in the Boom! reboot.


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