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The Sculptor was a morbid and hideous demon. He commanded an army of flesh golems. For a long time he studied the Slayer Buffy Summers, concluding that she was more powerful than her predecessors because of her allies. He was seen concluding a pact with the Soul Glutton and The Mistress, for a project to prevent the Slayer Buffy Summers, and their apparently rival D'Hoffryn from changing the Rules of Magic with the Slayer Handbook. He suggested that an old friend, who had a certain advantage regarding a particular of Buffy's friends, help in this.

Later, he committed multiple murders in San Francisco to enlarge his army. He also attacked Clive's magic coven to steal the Asclepian Vial. However, an invincible Andrew Wells, having drunk the potion in the vial, prevented theft.

Later, Spike was harassed and controlled by his demon ancestor named Archaeus, The Sculptor's old friend.

For many months, he, along with the Mistress and the Soul Glutton, remained hidden, preparing a plot against the Slayer, which consisted of opening all interdimensional portals, and preparing great demon invasion on Earth.

He also tried to make a pact with Andrew Wells, proposing to resurrect Jonathan Levinson. However, Andrew turned him down, saying that he'd sworn his allegiance to the Slayer. The Sculptor is then killed by Willow Rosenberg.