It is an ancient sacred text, written over the last 4000 years, in a dozen different languages, some of which aren't even human.
―Wesley Wyndam-Pryce[src]

The Scrolls of Aberjian is an ancient relic containing a number of ancient prophecies, prayers and spells. Angel found and stole it from the vaults at Wolfram & Hart. Later, it was stolen by the demon Vocah, conjured by Wolfram & Hart — the evil law firm needed the parchment in order to perform an incantation and bring vampire Darla from the dead. Angel did manage to kill Vocah; however, the ritual was completed by Lindsey McDonald. Afterward, Lindsey attempted to burn the parchment, but Angel kept him from doing it by cutting his hand off.

The Prophecies of Aberjian also mention three children, seers; together the children have the power to see into the heart of things, which made them a real threat to Wolfram & Hart. They were each found in different remote locations and brought together by the evil law firm and would have been killed if Angel hadn't intervened. According to the prophecies, they have an important role to play.

A false/planted portion of the Shanshu Prophecy appeared at Wolfram & Hart and is translated by Rutherford Sirk following chaos that has apparently been caused by the presence of two vampire champions with souls—Angel and Spike—at the same time; "The root of the tree will split in two. And each thing will seek nourishment from the buried river." This then leads to the description/location of the Cup of Perpetual Torment, which one of the two must apparently drink from in order to complete the prophecy, all orchestrated by Lindsey McDonald as part of his plan to discredit and discourage Angel.

The original scroll containing the prophecy was at Wolfram & Hart and was signed by Angel (with his own blood), who gave up his chance of one day becoming human again to prove his loyalty to the Circle of the Black Thorn, Angel exploiting their inability to understand that he would do good for the sake of it rather than for a reward. Although it could be argued that Angel eventually fulfilled the prophecy after the fall of L.A., being turned human by Wolfram & Hart and then dying- this death causing Wolfram & Hart to enact a temporal fold that restored L.A.-, Wesley has confirmed that these events are not part of the Shanshu Prophecy- the Partners having never actually filed the paperwork before Angel destroyed the Circle-, and it is thus still possible for him to regain his humanity.


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