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Scott Hope was a Sunnydale High School student and Buffy Summers's boyfriend for a brief time in late 1998.[1]


Scott was lifelong friends with Peter Clarner and Debbie Foley.[2] In his senior year, he initiated a romantic relationship with Buffy, having began the interest in the previous year. Although she did like Scott, Buffy was recovering from having recently slain her previous lover, Angel.[3]

Eventually, she and Scott began to date officially, but he dumped her shortly before the Homecoming dance because he was tired of her constant distraction. During the dance, Scott attended with another girl, to which Faith Lehane reacted by pretending to be Scott's girlfriend and that they had an STD.[1]

Following their break up, Scott spread malicious rumors that Buffy was a lesbian, but ironically came out as gay himself years later in college.[4]


Scott always came off as sweet and good-natured. Willow thought highly of his normality while Oz gave him merits for using the word "mosey."[3] Buffy described him as nice and funny, comparing him as well to a blueberry muffin with a crumbly top.[2]

However, according to Holden Webster, Scott seemed to be rather insincere as he spread rumors about Buffy being a lesbian, despite lacking any evidence for such a claim. However, this was all part of his plot of hiding his own homosexuality until he finally came out.[4]

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