You're the apple of your father's eye.

Sarah Holtz was the daughter of Daniel Holtz. She was sired by Darla and subsequently killed by her father.

Darla and Angelus arrived at Holtz's residence in May, 1764 and the door was opened by Sarah. They ask to come in, but she replies that her parents have warned her about inviting strangers into their home. They convince her that they are not strangers to their family by telling her they know her name and that she is "the apple of [her] father's eye." She invites Angelus and Darla in, and they tell Sarah's mother that they have a message for Holtz; and Darla, after claiming that she will give the message to Sarah, bites the girl. Angelus kills Sarah's mother and baby brother, but Darla turns Sarah into a vampire.

When Daniel Holtz discovers his wife's dead body, his newly turned daughter seeks him for comfort. He sings to her, but he sees the bite marks on her neck and realizes that she is a vampire. He continues to sing to her, though — stunned. After talking to an accomplice who is aiding him in trying to kill both Angelus and Darla, he drags his daughter outside and throws her into the direct sunlight — killing her.


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