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Sara Harris was the daughter of Anya and Alexander Harris in the vision created by Stewart Burns.


Sara's biological father had been a demon, with whom Anya had an extra-marital affair. Despite her overall human appearance, Sara had notable long floppy ears and blue eyelids. Since she was a child, Sara endured the hostility of her older brother, Josh, who teased her for her being a half-demon, calling her a "weirdo" and a "freak".[1]

With 18 years old, Sara stated her hatred for both Xander and Anya, before leaving the restaurant they were dining, which she also hated. At the event, she mentioned she was allergic to wheat.[1]

In reality, this future in which she existed was merely a vision created to dissuade Xander from marrying Anya.[1] The two would never marry, and Anya died having no children.[2]

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