Santa Rosita was a small Californian town, home of Billy Lane.


During the end of magic, a zompire crisis broke at Santa Rosita,[1] primarily dealt with vampire hunters Billy Lane and Devon.[2] While Billy was in San Francisco, Devon and Katie contacted him to ask for help about the zompires taking all over the city, so Billy and Anaheed rushed there to deal with the infestation.[3] The zompires had already dominated the public places (such as the abandoned video rental shop, the library, and shopping mall), so they were then attacking homes.[4]

The city was place of the first appearance of a new vampire, Vicki.[5] Some time later, the Scooby Gang was in Santa Rosita helping with the evacuation of its residents, and killing the last zompires. They counted with the help with the new vampires as well some members of Deepscan; notably, Rupert Giles was finally reunited with the Scoobies during the battle.[6] With the end of the crisis, a first confront between new vampires and the Scooby Gang took place, with the vampires running away, but promising to meet them again.[7]

Notable Residents


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