I'm sorry about what I did. I needed help. I didn't know what else to do.
―Sam Ryan[src]

Sam Ryan was a man living in Los Angeles seeking to destroy a vampire nest.


Sam's friend Jack was killed by a group of vampires after he refused to give them his Timex watch. Seeking to avenge his friend's death and retrieve the watch, Sam spent all his money tracking the vampires and then stole the identity of his employer at Laser Printing and Graphics, Harlan Elster, in order to hire Angel Investigations.

Using Elster's name, Sam offered ten thousand dollars to Angel in exchange for his services. Even though the deception was exposed, Sam managed to convince Angel to help him exterminate the vampire nest. Angel staked five of the seven vampires and the other two ran, but Sam was able to get the watch back.

Behind the Scenes


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