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I'm sorry, did you mistake me for a jerk? I know you guys play your little games within games. Me? I'm just a civil servant, and I don't play.
―Sam threatens Lindsey McDonald[src]

Sam was a parole officer of the Los Angeles Police Department.


I'm tellin' you zip -- you can kill me but Wolfram & Hart'll do worse.
―Sam to Angel[src]

Sam was one of the many corrupt police officers secretly on the payroll of Wolfram & Hart. The firm ensured certain parolees were assigned to Sam, who would then take them to Southern California Travel, the front for a body shop ran by Fairfield Clinic and Wolfram & Hart.

Lindsey McDonald's investigation on the origin of his transplanted hand led him to Sam. After hearing Lindsey came from Wolfram & Hart, Sam got nervous and threatened to kill him. However, Sam was stopped by Angel, who lassoed a rope around Sam's neck and forced him to reveal where he had taken the missing Bradley Scott. After seeing Angel reveal his vampire face, Sam relented and revealed what he knew.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Mik Scriba.