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The Sahrvin Clan leader is the head of the Sahrvin Clan, he was killed by Lindsey McDonald and Lorne.

He is a member of the Circle of the Black Thorn.


The Sahrvin Clan leader first appeared when his clan sought to form a truce with their rival clan, the Vinji. Their liaison, Tobias Dupree, was killed by Tamika, so the clans demanded a sacrifice - if not the killer, then anyone else. They were satisfied when Harmony killed Tamika.

He later made an appearance when Angel seemingly joined the Circle of the Black Thorn, as revealed to be one of its main members.

Lindsey McDonald confronted them with Lorne, and stabbed the leader dead.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by Nick Jaine.
  • He does a Wilhelm Scream when Lindsey kills him.


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