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The Sahrvin Clan was a clan of an unidentified demon species and rival to the Vinji Clan[1] and associated with the Circle of the Black Thorn.[2]


For five generations the Vinji were involved in a feud with the Sahrvin Clan because of an incident involving a fork. A demon rights activist activist named Tobias Dupree developed contacts with both the Vinji and Sahrvin. He was able to arrange a peace summit between the two groups and wanted Wolfram & Hart to help ensure the truce.[1]

Since both clans were extremely devoted to their superstitions and traditions careful planning was required to ensure the success of the meeting. Wolfram & Hart was forced to arrange a seating chart and upgrade their weapons detector. Unfortunately the night before the summit Dupree's body was found at the dump, with puncture wounds in his neck. Vilga was disturbed by Tobey's murder, and demanded that the killer be found and punished. At the summit she explained that as long as Tobey's murderer walked free, the summit was cursed, and they wanted to leave. The Vinji however agreed to accept anyone being sacrificed; it didn't necessarily have to be Tobey's murderer.[1]

With no sacrifice made the Sahrvin and Vinji demons began clicking, growling, hissing, and screeching at each other, while making wildly aggressive body motions. It was at this point that Tamika and Harmony Kendall, the vampire who murdered Dupree and the vampire she framed, broke through the window of the conference room. Harmony picked Tamika off the floor, threw her down onto the conference table, and staked her with a chopstick. With that the demon leaders accepted the sacrifice, and calmly sat down, ready to negotiate.[1]

They Sahrvin Clan was also affiliated with the Circle of the Black Thorn via their leader.[2] He was assassinated by Lindsey McDonald and Lorne.[3]