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Unidentified Slayer: “Commander! Is lethal force authorized?
Jordan: “More like ‘encouraged’.
— on fighting the Scooby Gang[src]

A group of Slayers led by Jordan acted in San Francisco during the Supernatural Crisis Act.


Recruited as peacekeepers, this group of Slayers initially operated on the streets then at the Safe Zone, separating fights among citizens[1] and pursuing magical individuals to imprison. When Jordan went to take the vampire Spike and the witch Willow Rosenberg to the Safe Zone, a fight between Jordan and Buffy Summers began, so both the Scooby Gang and Jordan’s Slayer squad joined into a larger fight, assisted with an unidentified warlock, until Spike surrendered.[2]

In the Safe Zone, they didn’t do as much as assert their presence, failing to prevent fights and even deaths among the prisoners. Buffy, the only imprisoned Slayer, eventually accepted to be their trustee, and discovered the Slayers in turn didn’t have any access to restricted areas related to the Pandora Project, the guards ready to shoot if any of them got too close.[3]

They attempted to defend the headquarters from Buffy, Willow, and Faith Lehane, but the trio was able to defeat them and free all prisoners.[4] After Buffy absorbed all Slayer powers in her battle against Joanna Wise, this group sought her in her apartment to ask for her powers back, as they’ve seem Faith in her full power again, but accepting a refusal in punishment for their previous antagonism. Buffy gave away all the taken power, and the group promised to use their powers for good.[5]