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The Sacrifice of Three was an ancient ritual which, once performed successfully, would open the Hellmouth and bring about the end of the world.[1]


In 2000, three Vahrall demons attempted to perform the ritual and open Sunnydale's Hellmouth. They drained the blood of a college student, collected bones from a mausoleum, and took the Word of Valios amulet from Rupert Giles.[1]

The demons then went to the ruins of Sunnydale High School and performed the ritual, each holding an item. The three intended to become the sacrifice themselves, and the earth began to shake after the first one jumped into the Hellmouth, but the Scooby Gang interrupted the ritual by rescuing the last falling demon while it was still alive.[1]


The Sacrifice of Three required the following items to perform the ritual:[1]

  • Blood of a man
  • Bones of a child
  • The Word of Valios
  • Three sacrifices into the Hellmouth



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