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Note: This article is about the episode. For other uses, see Sacrifice.

"Sacrifice" is the twentieth episode of the fourth season of Angel and the eighty-sixth episode in the series. Written by Ben Edlund and directed by David Straiton, it was originally broadcast on April 23, 2003, on The WB network.


Free from Jasmine's spell, Angel, Wesley, Gunn, Fred and Lorne escape into the sewers for protection until an evil, tentacled monster that has information about Jasmine captures Wes. Meanwhile, Connor, still in the clutches of Jasmine, discovers that Cordelia has vanished.[1]


After Connor alerts Jasmine's worshipers to their presence, the Angel Investigations team escapes Hyperion Hotel. Angel blocks the door and begins to fight Connor. When the door gives way, the worshipers enter and threaten to stake Angel.

Gunn, Lorne, Fred, and Wesley bring the car around and debate what to do next. Suddenly, Connor drops onto the hood, and Angel jumps down after him. Angel gets in the car and tells them to drive away, leaving an unconscious Connor in the street. As they speed away, they are followed by Jasmine and a mob of worshipers on foot.

The car drives along while the radio plays updates on Jasmine's takeover of Los Angeles. They turn the radio off and discuss their predicament — no weapons or food, little gas, and no idea of what to do next.

Back at the hotel, Jasmine consumes four more of her worshipers, bathing the room in green light. An injured Connor is there, observing the ritual. With a touch, she heals Connor's wounds and tells him he has nothing to fear; her followers grow closer to her with every passing moment, and she can use them as weapons if needed.

The gang pulls up to a gas station to refuel before fleeing the city. Bystanders, under Jasmine's control, attack them as she taunts them with her voice. They are able to get gas and drive away quickly as the police pursue them.

They are able to evade the police, but eventually abandon their car and hide in the sewers. Tensions are beginning to run high, but Angel takes charge, demanding they forget about Cordelia. As they go further into the tunnels, red eyes begin to appear in the darkness.

Back at the hotel, Connor sits by Cordelia's side. Jasmine comes in, and Connor shows her the wound on Cordelia's arm. She calls the cure "black, deceitful magic," furthering Connor’s suspicion of the use of magic. She then tells Connor to leave her alone with Cordelia.

In the tunnels, the gang is having trouble forgetting Cordelia and how it felt to be under Jasmine's spell. They talk about some of the strange inconsistencies surrounding Jasmine when suddenly the floor opens beneath Angel. He falls into a pit, nearly landing on wooden spikes. A group of teenagers appear with improvised weapons and corner them. Using his supernatural strength, Angel begins a battle where he and his team gain the upper hand. As the strangers start to speak, Gunn discovers that he knows one of them. Before they can catch up, strange noises alert the group, and they take the AI team back to their home base.

At the hotel, Connor comes in Cordelia’s room and finds her body missing. Jasmine explains that she had to hide Cordelia's body since her blood is dangerous to them and must not fall into the wrong hands.

In the underground tunnels, Angel's crew find themselves in the lair of the underground gang. Gunn explains that the former leader was a friend of his. He led the team until the sun went out, and then they decided to go underground. Angel inspects the headquarters for weaknesses, while Randall informs them of their origins. After asking for clean water, Angel washes Connor's blood off of his hands. The two groups discuss teaming up against Jasmine.

The governor calls Jasmine, telling her he will dissolve his government and relinquish all power to her. She revels in this news, bragging to Connor about the brightness of their future. As she hugs him, she notices he is not smiling. Jasmine encourages him to give in to her wholeheartedly and relinquish his pain, saying it has been the only constant in his life. As she digs her fingernails into his palm, Connor flinches. Jasmine lifts her hand, revealing the bloody fingernail marks have now transferred to her skin, and they gradually disappear.

Back in the sewers, the newly combined gangs are attacked by unseen creatures while on patrol. While Angel tries to fend off the creatures, he vamps out, revealing his true nature. Matthew runs away, and Gunn and Fred go after him.

Wesley is taken by the zealot, who professes to having loved Jasmine first, before mankind even existed. They've been preparing for her, building a temple of stone, but instead she came to Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, when the remaining gang of teenagers realize Angel is a vampire, they turn their weapons on him.

In the zealot's lair, the creature gets angry when Wesley says the name Jasmine; he declares that she is the Devourer, the song, the peace, and the whole. When Wesley asks him what their species considers love, he responds that "love is sacrifice."

While searching for Matthew in the tunnels, Fred confronts Gunn about his ability to turn off his emotions. He accuses her of the same thing when they killed Professor Seidel. She confesses her guilt, but admits she would take those feelings over being an emotionless shell any day.

As the teenagers point weapons at Angel and Lorne, Lorne tries to explain that Angel is good despite being a vampire. Angel becomes impatient and threatens Randall with violence in hopes that he can find Wesley.

Back in the lair, Wesley tries to learn about the zealot’s species. The creature warns him that if he breathes in the air of his dimension, it will burn up his lungs. Wesley observes that the zealot is dismembering a vampire using flesh magic in hopes that Jasmine will notice him as one of her true worshippers. The zealot comments that when too many people know your name, it takes your power away.

Gunn and Fred find their way to the surface, trying to remain out of sight. They find Matthew and attempt to take him back underground. When the boy refuses, Gunn resorts to knocking him out, horrifying Fred.

Underground, Wesley suddenly realizes that Jasmine can be destroyed by using her real name. He tries to learn the name, but the zealot says only the High Priest knows it. He admits to being merely a messenger and tries to kill Wesley. Angel arrives and begins to attack.

Meanwhile, Lorne tries to lecture the teenagers about using hurtful words. Gunn returns with Matthew in tow. Ronald is angry at Gunn for knocking out the boy, but suddenly he wakes up. Matthew begins to speak using Jasmine's voice, taking the teens under her power. Lorne, Gunn, and Fred flee, but are cornered by Connor, with a team of soldiers in tow. As they run, Jasmine's worshippers chase after them.

Angel manages to defeat the zealot, and Wesley explains what he learned about their species and the importance of Jasmine's name. He attempts to activate the zealot's key, a sphere that can access the world where the zealots have worshipped Jasmine for over a thousand years. Suddenly, Angel senses Connor heading towards them. Fred and Gunn find Angel and Wesley, and they barricade the door to hold off Connor and his soldiers.

Suddenly, Wesley realizes the key is activated with blood and rubs the sphere with some from a cut on his head The key activates a portal to the zealot's dimension, but Angel is the only one who can survive the atmosphere on the other side. The group convince Angel to go, taking the key with him. He jumps in while the gang begin to battle the soldiers.

Back at the hotel, Jasmine laughs as battle wounds appear all over her body and immediately heal.

Angel steps out of the portal and into the other dimension, where he is surrounded by dozens of zealots.


  • Fred recalls when she and Jasmine talked in a bowling alley, in the episode "Shiny Happy People."
  • Gunn becomes nervous when Fred says there could be rats; his fear of rats was first mentioned in "Heartthrob" and shown in "Apocalypse, Nowish."
  • Gunn tells Fred she shut down her emotions when they killed Professor Seidel ("Supersymmetry").
  • Wesley discovers that Jasmine's weakness is her name, which will be used against her in the next episode ("Peace Out").
  • Matthew is surprised about the sun's return, which was eclipsed in "Long Day's Journey" and restored in "Salvage."
  • Angel uses the zealot's own claw to pierce his skin and kill him, reminiscent of how Angelus used a bone dagger to kill the Beast.



Organizations and titles[]




Death count[]

  • Three men and two women, eaten by Jasmine.
  • The Messenger, stabbed by Angel.
  • Unknown number of members of the Body Jasmine, killed by Fred, Gunn, and Wesley (only mentioned).

Behind the scenes[]



  • "Sacrifice" had an audience of 2.5 million households upon its original airing.[2]

Pop culture references[]

  • Lorne compares the AI team with being "the last feisty wife" in Stepford, the town from the 1972 novel The Stepford Wives with submissive housewives.
  • Jasmine says her palace will be greater than the pyramids of Giza.
  • Gunn mentions that the city is like "Shangri-La La Land," mixing the Los Angeles nickname "La La Land" with the mystical paradise Shangri-La from the novel Lost Horizon.
  • Gunn makes a reference to Fred being able to turn off her "emotion chip," a reference to Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation.


  • When Connor punches through the door Angel is holding back, there is no hole when the camera switches back to Connor.
  • When Angel and Wesley fall through the floor in the sewer, the wires holding Angel up are highly visible.


International titles[]

  • Czech: "Bestie" (Beast)
  • Finnish: "Sacrifice" (Sacrifice)
  • French: "Sacrifice" (Sacrifice)
  • German: "Die Letzten ihrer Art" (The Last of Their Kind)
  • Hungarian: "Áldozat" (Sacrifice)
  • Italian: "Sacrificio" (Sacrifice)
  • Portuguese (Brazil): "Sacrifício" (Sacrifice)
  • Russian: "Жертвоприношение" (Sacrifice)
  • Spanish (Latin America): "El sacrificio" (The Sacrifice)
  • Spanish (Spain): "Sacrificio" (Sacrifice)
  • Turkish: "Fedakarlık" (Sacrifice)


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Behind the scenes[]



Jasmine: "We have nothing to fear from them. They are alone; we are many."
Connor: "But, but Gunn and Wesley and Lorne. They've all been turned. We have to stop whatever they're..."
Jasmine: "We will. Connor, there's nothing they can do. Every moment that passes, I grow closer to my followers. I feel what they feel. I see what they see. We're fusing together, like the cells of a single body. They're my eyes, my skin, my limbs; and if need be, my fists."
Jasmine: "You can't outrun my love. It has wings made of radio."


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