SCRSQWRN is a book written in the Pylean language. It has not been translated to any language anyone in our dimension can understand, and is presumed to serve simply as an interdimensional gateway to Pylea. By simply speaking words written within the book, a portal to Pylea will open. However, one must be standing very near a dimensional hotspot which has not recently been activated in order for the portal to open.

The following are exerpts from SCRSQWRN:

Crv dr pff lr ploos pls...Vos strp umpt pls plsrts in uft frm pltz.
Krv Drpglr pwlz......chkwrt strplmt dwghzn prqlrzn lffrmtplzt...Krv Drpglr pwlz chkwrt strplmt dwghzn prqlrzn lffrmtplzt.


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