Ryan while he is still clothed before being placed in the stripper cage.

Ryan was a young man and college student living in Sunnydale.

Together with his friend, Simon, he asked Amy Madison and Willow Rosenberg to dance at the Bronze. Willow kindly rejected the invitation, but Amy accepted the invitation and went to dance. Later, Amy takes a short break and goes to talk to Willow again. Later, the two college students forcibly tried to get Amy back on the dance floor and insulted Willow with homophobic words. This leads to Willow and Amy magically trapping Simon and Ryan into go-go/stripper cages and making them wear extremely skimpy outfits, also forcing them to continuously dance.

After being magically released by Willow (because of a "Return" spell that reset all the enchantments in the room) the two young men switched their attention to another girl and left to go talk to her (while seemingly not paying attention to what had just happened). It is unknown whether this is because the "return" spell reset their memories as well — or if they just got distracted by the other girl.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by Jordan Belfi.


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