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Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: “So you opted to, what, play for the other side... Cross the line?
Rutherford Sirk: “These are complicated times. Lines become blurry.
— Wesley Wyndam-Pryce and Rutherford Sirk[src]

Rutherford Sirk was an employee of Wolfram & Hart and a former Watcher. He worked at the firm's Research and Intelligence Department.


Did the Watcher's Council know you stole the only known copy of the Codex when you left?
―Wesley Wyndam-Pryce[src]

Before joining Wolfram & Hart, Rutherford Sirk was a member of the Watchers Council. He lacked, however, the moral clarity of other Watchers of his generation, as well as the self-righteousness and traditionalism of Watchers like Quentin Travers or the younger Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. Sirk found himself doubting about the good fight and the Council's mission, though he was far from the only Watcher corrupted by the knowledge he obtained at the Council.

Tempted by power and ambition, Sirk joined Wolfram & Hart, taking numerous tomes and codices with him, such as the Devandiré Sibylline Codex. He became a member of W&H's Research and Intelligence Department, and personally oversaw the Ancient Prophecies Wing.

When Lilah Morgan offered the Angel Investigations staff the chance to take over the W&H Los Angeles Branch, Sirk was selected as Wesley's guide. The fact that the Sibylline Codex was in W&H's possession, as well as Wesley's past experience with another British librarian allowed him to intuit Sirk's past affiliation. Sirk was knocked by his fellow ex-Watcher, who then infiltrated to the firm's Files and Records Department.

Months later, Sirk was secretly recruited by Lindsey McDonald and Eve as part of their plot to manipulate both Angel and Spike, making them believe the universe had been thrown into chaos by the existence of two vampires with a soul. Sirk pretended to have translated a portion of the Scroll of Aberjian which stated that the true champion would be the one who drank from the Cup of Perpetual Torment. However, this was merely a wild goose chase, and after Sirk's betrayal was exposed, the former Watcher fled the firm.

Behind the scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Michael Halsey.
  • According to DVD commentary, Sirk was originally going to be named "Hitchcock" but the idea was dropped on Joss Whedon's suggestion.