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Note: This article is about the Wishverse Watcher. For other uses, see Giles.

I have to believe in a better world.
―Rupert Giles[src]

Rupert Edmund Giles was a vampire hunter and Watcher leader of the White Hats, and the alternate timeline counterpart of Giles.[1]


At the behest of the Watchers Council, Giles traveled to Sunnydale, California, and took up the post of librarian at the local high school. Without a Slayer to train, the rise of the Master was not averted, and the Order of Aurelius dominated the town. To face the danger, Giles becomes the mentor of the so-called "White Hats," a group of vampire hunters.[1]

When Cordelia found herself in this reality, she asked about Giles' new history in this timeline, but they were interrupted by Xander and Willow before Giles could answer.[1]

Having learned about the main timeline from Cordelia before she was killed, Giles contacted Buffy Summers for assistance. Showing no interest in his theories about how to change the world, she left to fight the Master. Giles then attempted to summon Anyanka, having identified her as the vengeance demon who had granted Cordelia's wish that Buffy never came to Sunnydale, in an attempt to restore the timeline to normal.[1]

In the subsequent confrontation with Anyanka, she asked him how he could be so sure that the other world was any better than this one. Giles replied: "Because it has to be," then smashed the Symbol of Anyanka, ending the wish and restoring reality to normal, albeit with Anyanka powerless and mortal.[1]

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