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Rupert Giles rented an apartment in the same building as Buffy, Willow, and Dawn's apartment and Xander and Spike's apartment in Tenderloin, San Francisco.[1]


After Giles's resurrection as a child in London, he met the Scoobies during the assistance in Santa Rosita's zompire crisis.[2] He returned with them to San Francisco,[3] where they faced dissatisfaction with their living conditions and rent prices.[4]

Helping with Giles's documentation, Detective Robert Dowling shared a case of a supposedly haunted building, which was instead infested by a Hamelin demon. The demon trapped the Scoobies, who were able to free themselves and the missing children by refusing the reality the demon had created — despite Giles's wishes to remain in his ideal childhood.[4]

With his assets unfrozen, Giles was able to afford to live alone in his apartment, while Buffy, Willow, Dawn, Xander, and Spike shared apartments across the hall.[1]

Prominent events[]

Giles spell

An aging spell being performed at the apartment.

The Scooby Gang would use Giles's living room whenever it was needed a space for a spell. This was the case for binding Spike and search for his dream connection to real murders,[5] sending Buffy in an astral projection through Spike's mind,[6] ageing Giles for a day,[7] and using the Vampyr book to give new abilities to the second Magic Council's members.[8]

Giles' personal library contained the book that mentioned an Aztec Slayer and her enchanted sword.[9]

While researching in his library about the Shenlong dragon that caused the San Francisco's tsunami, the Scoobies watched and discussed the live broadcast pronunciation of President Malloy and Secretary of the Supernatural Ophelia Reyes about the implementation of a mandatory census according to the Supernatural Crisis Act.[10]

Behind the scenes[]