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Rupert Giles had an apartment as his home in Sunnydale, in an apartment complex at number 4616.[1]


After the destruction of Sunnydale High School and its library,[2] Giles' apartment was pressed into service as the Scooby Gang's primary headquarters.[3][4][5][6][1] The newly neutered vampire Spike also briefly lived there as captive,[7] before moving to the Harris residence's basement.[3]

After Giles purchased the Magic Box, the shop took the apartment's place as the Scoobies' headquarters for the next two years.[8][9]

Giles moved from his apartment to England sometime after Buffy's death.[10] When he returned, he was a resident into the Summers household[11] and remained there whenever he was in town[12][13] until the destruction of Sunnydale.[14]


The apartment was a two-story building. It had an antique design with green, rectangular tiles fitted on the ground, as well as several plants and a built-in pond.[15]

In the first floor, a large living room contained a large carpet and a wooden desk, along with a couch facing from the entrance to a television and a fireplace.[3] A balcony had a view to the kitchen, accessible by the first door. The second door led to a bathroom.[16]

The apartment was lighted by several light fixtures built into the walls and one hanging from the ceiling over the stairs. To the right to the entrance, the stairs included a basin and a mirror. The second floor were Giles's bedroom.[17][18]

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Behind the scenes[]

  • While the interior was a set, the establishing shots of the apartment were from El Pueblo Apartments, at 4616 Greenwood Place in Los Angeles.