Rupert Giles's apartment was the home of Rupert Giles in Sunnydale.


After the destruction of Sunnydale High School and its library, Giles' apartment was pressed into service as the Scooby Gang's primary headquarters. The newly neutered vampire Spike also briefly lived there as captive before finding his own crypt.

Shortly after the Scoobies battled Dracula, Giles purchased the Magic Box, which took the apartment's place as the Scoobies' headquarters for the next two years.

Sometime after Buffy's death, Giles moved to England, When he returns, he was a resident into the Summers household and remained there until the destruction of Sunnydale.



The apartment had an antique design with green, rectangular tiles fitted on the ground as well as several plants and a built-in pond.


The interior was a two-story building which consisted of a large living room space which was divided by wall which had a door that led to his kitchen. To the right to the entrance was a stair case that led over the door and on to a simple platform with Giles's bed. The apartment was lighted by several light fixtures built into the walls and one hanging from the ceiling over his stairs. The living room contained a large carpet and a wooden desk along with a couch facing from the entrance to a television and a fireplace. It also homed a small bathroom in it's lower lever.

Prominent EventsEdit

  • Giles found Jenny's dead body in his bed after Angelus killed her and decorated the apartment romantically to torment Giles.[2]
  • Under magic chocolate's influence, Giles and Joyce Summers are reversed to their teenage selves, drinking alcohol, listening rock'n roll music and flirting together.[4]
  • In the Wishverse,Rupert Giles invoked Anyanka, and broke her talisman, to reverse the reality to her mainstream counterpart's.[5]
  • During Christmas 98', Angel visit Giles to obtain information about his return on Earth. However, he was harassed by the ghost of Jenny Calendar.[6]
  • Believing to be crazy, with madness against Kathy Newman, Buffy was temporary attached to a chair by Xander and Oz. In vain, she escaped, while Giles also finds that Kathy's nails regenerated themselves.[9]
  • During Thanksgiving 99', which Buffy had planned to happen in his apartment, the gang were attacked by the ghostly Chumash Tribe. Though they couldn't be killed, Buffy was able to defeat them all by stabbing their leader Hus with his own weapon, causing them to disappear. Angel also surreptitiously helped in their fight against the Chumash, without Buffy knowing, until Xander slipped it out when they proceeded to have Thanksgiving dinner. [10]
  • After a military chip was implanted in his brain, Spike was a temporary resident here.[11][12][13]
  • Under magical influence, Buffy became engaged to Spike when taking him there.[14]
  • Olivia was surprised, by one of The Gentlemen, by the window, learning of supernatural activities.[15]
  • Spike manipulated the entire Scooby Gang, temporarily, causing grudges in each, leading to conflict with each other. After their reunion, this is where the gang came up with the idea to use the enjoining spell to defeat Adam.[18][19]
  • The Scooby Gang speaking about Dracula.




  • It is the first and only Scooby Gang primary headquarters to not be destroyed at the end of its tenure, although it is destroyed in "Chosen".


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