I wanted to get back in… Be useful.
―Rudy Diaz[src]

Rudy Diaz was a corporal in the United States Armed Forces, eventually turned into a cyborg by the Pandora Project.


Rudy Diaz was a corporal in the United States Armed Forces, until an IED (improvised explosive device) took his arms and legs. Under the intention of getting back to the army and be useful, he volunteered to the Pandora Project to be used in the construction of a cyborg infused with magic. He didn’t expect to be completely controlled by computers, a situation he later compared to be "just a meat puppet."

Rudy attacked Buffy Summers, Faith Lehane, and Spike during their invasion to the Pandora Project laboratory, located under the Sutro Bath ruins. The project was discovered to be testing various animals, weaponizing them with robotics and the mystic energy drained from of supernatural folks (demons, vampires, witches) in the Safe Zone. Various battle suits were also found, with jewels, rune patters, and wood, combining sorcery and technology.

During the fight, Rudy was able to calculate his enemies’ strength and fight equally, but his robotics arms and fake eye were destroyed. This made the computer that controlled him to be disabled, and his human side regain control over his body. Buffy stopped the fight, remembering Faith and Spike he was still human and killing him would be a murder. Rudy said he knew he couldn’t like without these pieces, and he’d be fixed if the scientists found him still alive, but didn’t want to continue being like this. So he denied any help from the Scoobies, only asking for them to sacrifice him. Buffy wasn’t able to do this, so Spike killed him.[1]

Behind the Scenes

  • The Pandora Project was compared[1] to the Initiative and its 314 Project, which tried to make bio-mechanical demonoids – super soldiers out of human/demon hybrids –, but the Pandora Project just drained the magic energy and applied on battle suits, animals, drones, and eventually humans. Both projects, though, combined the supernatural with science, resulting into similar cyborgs made from previously human soldiers: Adam and Rudy Diaz.


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