Everyone knows he's into that voodoo witch crap. I heard about those kids; people like him gotta learn a lesson.
―Roy Dukeshire[src]

Roy Dukeshire was a Sunnydale High student.

When Sunnydale underwent a moral panic caused by a demon masquerading as two dead children, Roy and his friends harassed Michael Czajak, a goth student and practicing warlock. Then, when Amy showed up and asked what he would do to people like her, Roy told her to "get in [his] face" and she would "find out". However, Buffy then made her appearance at Amy's side and gave Roy a smile that looked seemingly innocent. When Roy turned and saw the smile on Buffy's face, he suddenly changed his mind, sensing that her grin was anything but angelic, and thought better of going any further about picking on Michael. Then, along with his friends, Roy turned and took off.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • He was portrayed by Grant Garrison.

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