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Rowant Mor was Myresto's sister.


Like her brother, Rowant Mor was an ancient being who existed before the creation of the Earth dimension. Rowant's origins are completely theoretical; she may have pre-dated both the Powers That Be and Old Ones (which she feels superior, in a declaration to Illyria), and was powerful enough to frighten the Senior Partners. It is left ambiguous if she wanted to possess the Earth or if she put this idea in mind of her brother to save time to eliminate him and become the only queen of her dimension. She was a very sadistic being, who cared nothing about her minions, but seemed to have affection for her brother whom she had sexual relationship. She has any consideration for him and plots against him by manipulating the Sisterhood of Jaro Hull on Connor's tracks to multiply tenfold his powers in front of her brother. In the future, Rowant beheads Myresto, becomes the only owner and suggest offering the Earth to Angel. Angel declines and learns via Rowant that it is her who guided The Sisterhood on Connor's powers, revealing the role which he played in Myresto's death. Angel goes back up the time with Illyria to face Myresto, cancelling not only this future, and locking Rowant in her dimension.

Powers&Abilities :

Since she is the same species as her brother (Demonic Higher Beings) as well as more powerful than him in power she could likely have the same powers as he does if not stronger

Superhuman Strength: as a Higher being she is more powerful than Vampires , Demons , Slayers and rivals that of a Higher being

Shapeshifting: She could shapeshift into her Demonic Higher being form.

Magic: she is very skilled in the Arts of magic

Illusions: She has the power to create illusions.

Interdimentional Portals: She has the power to create portals and summon Demons from his or any other Dimension.

Lightning Bolts & Fire Blasts (possibly): As Implied by Buffy Summers and Rupert Giles when they were having a conversation about Glorificus that all Gods have these powers But being in human form Severely limiting their powers

Invulnerability: When Illyria strike her down with Swords they were broken into little pieces.


Rowent mor

Rowant Mor

Behind the Scenes

  • Through her sadistic personality, sexual orientation, desires for conquest and her ambiguous relation with her brother, Rowant Mor seems to be influenced by the Roman empress Messaline.
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