The Rosenberg Residence was the house belonging to the Rosenberg family (Willow, Sheila, and Ira). The house was located close to Xander Harris' family home as he and Willow used to play together. The house was an upscale two level home which was nicely furnished.



Willow sitting in her family living room.

According to Willow, her bat mitzvah was perturbed here by the the bad attitude of their neighbors Anthony and Jessica Harris[1]

Living RoomEdit

Willow and Oz decided to spend the evening in the living room to enjoy the holidays together. The room was romantically lit for atmosphere and was comfortable but classy, complete with a large fireplace.

Willow's RoomEdit


Willow in her bedroom.

Willow's room was furnished in a manner very teenage and unique. The room had a balcony that faced opposite to Willow's bed which made for an easy entrance for Buffy or Angel. Willow also had a fish tank in the room, though her original fish were killed by Angelus.[2]. In her rat form, Amy Madison was also a temporary resident.

Prominent EventsEdit

The room was the site of many events such as:

  • Willow's kidnappings by Fritz[3], and Sheila[4]
  • Willow trying to forget the horrible image of her deceased friends[5]
  • Willow being consulted by Angel for to find informations on Billy Fordham[6]
  • Willow getting possessed by a Bezoar baby [7]
  • Willow nailing a crucifix over a window to prevent Angelus from entering[8]
  • Willow and Xander starting their secret affair[9]
  • Willow and Oz, reconciled, spending the night of Christmas '98 together[10]
  • Willow, in her first failed attempt to deratize Amy Madison.
  • Willow becoming jealous of the friendship between Faith and Buffy[11]
  • Willow being the first to learn from Buffy that Faith was responsible for Allan Finch's death[12]
  • Willow losing her virginity to Oz[13]

It was presumably destroyed along with the rest of Sunnydale by following the Battle at the Hellmouth.


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