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Rose Martinez was a Sunnydale High School student and Willow Rosenberg's ex-girlfriend.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Rose was the daughter of a military father, who also grew with a father in the military,[1] and a mother who knew "all about me." They moved often due to her father's work and he was often away, but her mother made so they stayed for good in Sunnydale. Rose had a tattoo in her wrist written "je te fais confiance" (French for "I trust you"). He father didn't know about her relationship with another girl, but he was supportive and loving about everything else, so she intended to tell him about it while he was in town.[2]

In a relationship with Willow, Rose would make her feel better when her girlfriend became insecure about competing against Cordelia Chase for school presidency. Willow described her competitor as nice, beautiful, and smart, so Rose noted that her girlfriend was all those things too, with no need to compare.[3]

Rose was kept in the dark about the existence of the supernatural even after Willow joined the Scooby Gang. Due to this secrecy, Buffy Summers told Willow she never saw Rose except "awkward glances" in the hall, so she suggested they'd all hang out in the movies. Robin Wood was also invited and, while he was buying Buffy's ticked, Rose told a distressed Buffy that it was "totally a date."[4]

Willow eventually sacrificed half of her own soul to Alexander Harris, her best friend who had been recently sired.[5] Despite her difficulties to deal with the aftermath of such event, Rose continued apparently oblivious to her girlfriend's secrets. Willow also had often dreams of her own dark side assuming various forms, including a decaying Rose who hold her hand while asking: "What part do you feel you're missing?"[6]

After the event of the activation of the Hellmouth, Rose confronted her girlfriend about her distant and suddenly rude behavior. She told Willow she heard about the strange night at the cafe with a giant bat, referring to the fight with the Camazotz, and that Willow was there with Buffy. Rose then pointed out that Willow didn't seem to think about anyone else lately, and yet she didn't know how Willow felt anymore. Answering her, Willow told her she wanted some space.[7]

After the break up, Rose was upset that she wasn't able to have Willow introduced to her father during the fall break, when he would be in town. Her family often moved, as her father always had to relocate for work, but this time they were staying for good after making "a real home." Although, Rose avoided Willow and wished she were going to be there with her.[2]

On night, Rose went to the house of her classmate Luke to give him his homework assignments, as he had missed the school day. She found Cordelia bounded and gagged in his basement, and Rose was attacked by the boy while she attempted to free her. In the fight, Rose armed herself with gardening shears, and stabbed him when he moved to use a hammer against Cordelia. As Luke grabbed her before they left, someone threw a rock on his head that made his unconscious. Rose and Cordelia though it had been Buffy, but they turned to face Kendra Young, followed by Robin.[2]

Rose went to eat with Kendra and Robin at the Tunaverse,[1] where Cordelia worked the nightshift.[8] The Slayer and Watcher explained to Rose about their and Buffy's identities and the strange occurrences in Sunnydale.[1] She then stayed alone at their table until the closing time, waiting Kendra to return from patrol, so she helped Cordelia clean. Meanwhile, the Hellmother's growing army of men marched into the Tunaverse, where they attempted to enter breaking the glass walls. Kendra, Willow, Xander, and Anyanka arrived to help them fight off the hostile group, until Jenny appeared with the Camazotz offering backup. Rose flew off with the other girls away from the Tunaverse,[8] and together they entered the hellmouth and joined the battle that defeated the Hellmother.[9]

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