I think it's funny when you scream. It's like, whoah...

Rookie was a vampire minion of Sunday who in life had been a UC Sunnydale student.


Rookie had a laid-back demeanor and wondered if Slayer's blood tasted like a Thai stick. He also had a large collection of Klimt and Monet artwork posters stapled to a wall on the Psi Theta fraternity house where Sunday's gang was located. He took these posters from the students they killed and robbed from, placing them in some sort of challenge based on how many freshmen owned them.

In the battle in their lair, Rookie attempted to attack Willow Rosenberg who quickly impaled him with a crossbow bolt. He said a final "whoah" as he turned to dust.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • He was portrayed by Mike Rad.



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