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Rondell: “You done a lot. There's people alive today because of something you started.
Gunn: “No, man. Something *we* started.
Rondell: “You got that right.
— Rondell and Charles Gunn[src]

Rondell is co-founder and leader of Gunn's crew; an expanding street gang who share the common goal of ridding the streets of vampires, along with taking care of one another.

Alongside co-founder Charles Gunn, the crew not only was initially effective and inventive in their vampire hunting skills but their goal, driven by Rondell and Charles, was honorable.

Eventually Charles left the crew, to join Angel Investigations. This was a turning point for Rondell, who deviated from the honorable mission he and Charles created together, and began to kill any demon regardless of its intent, practices or nature.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Jarrod Crawford.